Good stationery stores can be hard to find.  Here are some of the best pen shops, paper suppliers and pencil stores that I have visited and now recommend.  I also my favourite trusted online stationery shop.

Stationery Stores in the Vancouver, BC Area

Nikaido, Steveston area of Richmond, BC.

Nikaido is a quaint gift store that carries everything from tea to shaving goods.  They do sell a great selection of stationery products at reasonable prices and have one of the most beautiful layouts around.  Nikaido carries a wonderful variety of paper goods, fountain pens, inks, and pencils.  And they are the only local vendor to carry Robert Oster signature inks.  

Nikaido is my favourite stationery store, and I am often emailing my special requests to the owners, Joseph and Sarah.  It is also a nice store to browse around in, with free on-street parking.   

Vancouver Pen Shop, downtown Vancouver

The Vancouver Pen Shop is an old-school pen store with a very comprehensive selection of fountain pens, inks and standard pens as well as some pencils, more common paper and leather stationery accessories. They have the most extensive range of ink out of any of the local pen shops and are an excellent source for Mont Blanc special edition inks and pens and carry all of the favorite brands.

The Vancouver Pen Shops displays an open pen case containing the most common beginner fountain pens for people to touch, feel and test.  Their hours are a little limited and parking can get expensive, but if you are downtown, this is a great store to visit.

Perks Pens, Lonsdale Quay, Nother Vancouver

Perks Pens is another long time and trusted fountain pen store, inks, and accessories store.  Unfortunately, Perks lost their Cambie Street location last year due to redevelopment; however, their shop in the Quay is open and thriving.  Perks carries many favorite and exciting brands.  They also sell some makes of ink and are the only local store to carry some Noodlers ink.

Charals, downtown Vancouver

Charal’s is perhaps the prettiest and most high-end store in Vancouver.  Charals is near the main library in downtown Vancouver.  Helpful staff, high-end products, and a beautifully laid out store add to the charm.  They carry pens from TWSBI and Pilot as well as pens from Mont Blanc, Caran d’Ache, Visconti and ST Dupont.  

Paper-Ya, Granville Island, Vancouver

As the name would suggest, Paper-Ya is a stationery and art store that focuses heavily on paper supplies.  This charming shop does carry some more common fountain pens and inks, as well as a selection of notebooks, papers, and accouterments.  They also carry Blackwing Pencils and are the only store to get Tomoe River in the Vancouver area!

Craft Cafe, River Market, New Westminster

The Craft Cafe is a new store that opened in the summer of 2017.  They carry Kaweco fountain pens and ink and lots of Fabriano journals and art papers.  They also sell a small selection of quality Japanese pencils, and the product selection is different than most other stores.  If you are in the area, the River Market, formerly New Westminster Quay, is a beautiful place to visit and walk on the pier and hopefully, Craft Cafe will continue adding to their product line.

Online Stationery Stores in Canada

Wonder Pens, Toronto, Ontario

My regular and most trusted online supplier of all things pen and paper related.  Wonder pens has a physical store in the Toronto area and supplies a comprehensive range of products by express mail.  Ordering is easy, they pack shipments well, and the service is fast and friendly.  Wonder Pens pricing is very competitive, and they offer free shipping on purchases about a certain threshold.  I highly recommend this store!

Amazon, with Alexa - Big Brother is watching everywhere!

I reluctantly include Amazon here.  While Amazon is arguably a disruptive influence on bricks and mortar stores, it does provide access to some Japanese pencils and accessories not found in local stores.  I shop small specialty stores first, but I do shop Amazon for items I can’t buy.  Many Amazon vendors are offshore, so check shipping dates carefully.  And many deals are too good to be true.  Thankfully, Amazon has much better refund policies and vendor protection than eBay.